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Monday, August 1, 2011

Recommended Physical Exercises for Singers

Whether you sing on live appearances or any practice sessions, you want to maintain stamina, flexibility, and concentration, which are some needed elements of a successful singing performance. You could certainly perform well with just committing to vocal practices, but you could gain more benefits by regularly engaging in physical exercises. Different physical exercises, if done properly, can target areas of your singing practice, like maintaining breath support, correcting posture, and sustaining focus. They also help singers develop mental endurance as singers cope with and overcome stress in discipline of practicing and performing. As you gather your elements, here are some recommended physical exercises for your vocal health:
  • Jumping rope: If you can never find time to work out or gym membership is too expensive, get yourself a jumping rope. With this one, you can bring it everywhere and jump for  five to ten minutes each time. Regular rope-jumping helps with building breath control and upper body strength.
  • Jogging: This one helps you maintain proper pacing and posture if done properly overtime. When you are doing a regular jog on a straight path, pay careful attention to your arms. Keep them as loose as possible in order to prevent them from locking up, which can lead you to be out of breath.
  • Calisthenics: Including push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups, various exercises in this area can improve your agility, balance, and coordination. In order to achieve this, watch for tension in your neck and shoulders because it will affect your voice. Therefore, you want to make necessary adjustments between your hands as you do push-ups, and your lower back as you perform sit-ups, for example.
  • Swimming: As it is necessary for singers to drink enough water, it provides free flowing therapy for anyone including those that are not even good at it. For those who are concerned or have problems with ear infection and sinuses, they should wear nose and ear plugs in order to take advantage of great stimulation around their body. For example, swimming under water for a prolong period helps you build endurance in your lungs.
  • Yoga: Starters would need to take classes or have 1 on 1 sessions in order to take advantage of exercises that can energize and relax your body at the same time. Once you are proficient with practices that incorporate such things like variety of body poses, shoulders' works, and breath-works, you can apply those in your personal routine. Routine yoga practices offer some useful benefits like increasing breath control, preventing illness, and decreasing stage fright.
Like vocal exercises, you want to start from warming up to proceeding gradually. Bear in mind that any physical exercises that you adopt in your fitness regimen need to focus on helping you to become a better singer. A singing teacher or a vocal coach like Brett Manning in Singing Success can always help you achieve this along with a physical trainer or a yoga teacher. Any coach will also likely to advice you against overtraining since it will increase the risk of bodily injury that would also affect your vocal health. For your vocal health and your well being, remember to warm up and start slowly, then have a period of rest and relaxation after all the activities. 


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